GRANT Applications


Please check the Grant Criteria for SMALL GRANTS or LARGE GRANTS, before you complete applications to the Trust.
Once you have checked the Grant Criteria, you are encouraged to make applications ONLINE 

If you wish you can also make applications by Post or Email, please see below.  


Privacy notice

The information you submit is strictly confidential. For further details about how we process your data see our privacy policy.


  • Contact name, address, telephone number and e-mail address
  • Organisation’s charitable status and charity registration number
  • Brief description of the organisation and its work
  • The organisation’s most recent set of accounts
  • Safeguarding policy (if applicable)
    The safety and welfare of everyone affected by the Charities’ activities, especially children and adults at risk, is our highest priority. Before the Charities support an organisation working with children or adults at risk, please can you confirm the charity has the following:
    1. Confirm it has appropriate safeguarding policies and procedures in place.
    2. Confirm that it is committed to safe recruitment, selection and vetting and that it carries out appropriate checks on all members of staff, volunteers and others involved with the organisation who have contact with children or adults at risk, including (where applicable) DBS checks, checking references, requiring proof of identity and relevant qualifications and carrying out a face-to-face interview.
    The trustees have adopted this policy to ensure that the Charity supports organisations working with children or adults at risk only where those organisations have appropriate safeguarding policies and procedures in place.
  • A project document containing the following:
    Description of the project for which the funds are required and the amount sought. Details of who will manage the projects and the start and completion dates of the project. A budget for the project, details of funds already raised and other sources approached. How the project will be monitored and evaluated.