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Please check the Grant Criteria for SMALL GRANTS or LARGE GRANTS, before you complete applications to the Trust.
Once you have checked the Grant Criteria, you are encouraged to make applications online.



Please note that this Online Application is a live form, and needs to be completed in one sitting. Please make sure you have all the relevant information available. Please complete all sections of the application. Once submitted, you will receive a copy by email.




Please only use numeric for the financial information you are supplying.

Last audited/examined Statement of Financial Activities

Safeguarding Policy

The safety and welfare of everyone affected by the Charities’ activities, especially children and adults at risk, is our highest priority. Before the Charities support an organisation working with children or adults at risk, please can you confirm the following:
If yes, you need to answer question 1b.
If no, there is no need to provide any specific safeguarding information.
If yes, you need to answer question 2b.
If no, there is no need to provide any further safeguarding information (beyond the points already covered at question 2).
The trustees have adopted this policy to ensure that the Charity supports organisations working with children or adults at risk only where those organisations have appropriate safeguarding policies and procedures in place.


Should your application be successful, payment will be made by BACS. NOTE the bank account must be in the name of the registered charity:

Should you be awarded a grant you will be contacted to verify the bank account details. Please enter the name and telephone number of the person to contact.


To the best of my knowledge, all the information that I have provided in this application form is correct I confirm our organisation is happy for our organisation’s details to be included on The HDH Wills 1965 Charitable Trust website:

Privacy notice

The information you submit is strictly confidential and a copy will be sent to your email address upon submission. For further details about how we process your data see our privacy policy.